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How to Find My Passion




…so if you’re asking yourself, “What the heck am I passionate about?” I have more good news for you…


One of the nice things about passion is that it is meant to be discovered – it is not there to be hidden and locked away, because passion is the pre-requisite to discovering your bigger purpose and purpose is meant to be shared, and felt.


Sometimes your passion is not as easily discovered because passion is about the journey that it takes to reach your treasure; passion is about the person you need to become in order to get where you want to go, and often times the journey is the antidote.


purpose is what becomes once you discover your passion, and release it into the world using your skills.


Passion actually whispers to you in subtle ways, and I believe this is why…


“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails”

-Proverbs 19:21



For most people their plans are to buy the big homes, and the nice cars – and that’s wonderful –heck I love the nice homes and cars too, but if what you have to do to earn and keep the home and the nice car is stressing you out more than it is bringing you fulfillment, then maybe one can consider they may be following the wrong plan?  If what you’re currently doing brings too much emotional pain then its a sign thats calling for a change to be made; the plan that is designed for you – the plan where you use your special gifts and skills… thats the plan that will make you feel good about what you do at the end of the day, and when you wake up in the morning.


I’ve noticed that literature supports biblical references often, but not with the intent to prove a higher power; more so with the intent to prove that life satisfaction increases when you do work that means something to you…


…There is a reason why certain things are meaningful and important for you. People who follow and live with passion are satisfied for a reason its because their honoring the right plan and…

Studies have shown that when you make choices that coincide with what is meaningful and important to you, you are more likely to be satisfied (Brown & Crace, 1996).


If your thoughts are wondering what it would be like to have a career you actually enjoy, if your thoughts are saying, “I wish I could be doing _____,” yet you still continue with the same ol’ routine day in and day out, you’re not listening…you’re not honoring your passion…


No recall how I mentioned that passion “whispers” in subtle ways, well here is one of those ways:  Passion speaks to you in the form of ideas.


Perhaps you can download the Evernote App, or use Google Docs, or jot in your day planner any ideas that come to mind – even if you don’t pay much attention to it, write it down.


But be sure listen to the whispers because ideas want to be created, and you are the one that can bring it to life.




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