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If your life has brought you circumstances where you feel lost career wise…

or if you’re wondering what to do when you are confused about your career

I want to share something that has helped me gain clarity, in hopes that it will bring you to a place of peace, and clarity when feeling confused about your career.

After I tried to build a business for myself over the last few years, I am just now confirming to myself that on this journey towards a dream, I lost track of what I should have never let go.

And that was letting go of what naturally gave me energy, and instead focusing on “success.”


I was too dependent on finding the experts at the wrong time – the experts/teachers who could help me do Facebook Ads, increase engagement on social media platforms, have the You Tube algorithm in my favor etc…

Trying to learn and apply all this new information left me feeling overwhelmed and some what paralyzed about what I should do career wise.

I learned that when you become so focused on external factors that you become detached from authenticity – from what truly makes you happy – and when you detach from authenticity your not who you are – your not living the purpose you are meant to live.

But then…I just ended up telling myself…

“You know what, forget what I want.”

I prayed and said, “God, just eliminate any desire I have, and replace it with the desires you have for me.”

A few days after that very prayer, I thought that maybe I was going into a state of depression.

I wasn’t interested in doing the things I thought I enjoyed doing like creating You Tube videos or working on my book, nor was I motivated in doing the things I felt I needed to do to build a brand like creating content for social media. I had no inspiration to move forward.

At first I thought maybe I was losing inspiration because I wasn’t hitting the goals I had wanted for “my business” or because I wasn’t landing the opportunities I was trying to attain. Instead, I realized I received exactly what I had prayed for:

My desires were re-booted and I started with a blank state.

Until I read Parker J. Palmers, Let Your Life Speak.

As I was reading his book, I had a moment of clarity and a new spark of inspiration; that was to devote the time I have to gathering insight for your book.

Not to write the actual words within the book, not to grow a platform of some sort, but just to gather the insight.

Of course my clarity is not as important as what I am about to tell you on how you can reach clarity on the big decisions in your life too…

So when you are in a place where you want to know what to do when you are confused about your career…

When your lost, career wise…

I am hear to remind you, to ask.

Ask the for Universe’s help if that’s what you prefer.

or Allah…

or Jehovah…

or God for help, for guidance.

And as you patiently wait for the answer, know that the answer can come in many ways.

It can come in an instant when your sipping on your morning coffee, it can arrive in the middle of shedding tears, or when you are experiencing your most blissful moments.

So when your confused…

ask for guidance, surrender your desires, go all in with faith, and listen for the answer.

When you are willing, the answer will always come.

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