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The other morning I was working on a new blog post, yet I was stuck and couldn’t find the words to express…well, anything really…

I admit, sometimes my head is in the wrong place, and I feel guilty for it.  Sometimes I sit at my desk and think, “What should I write about?  What could go viral? What would get my business to grow?”

…and when the mind starts to wander, what is meant to be, just becomes more lost in how I think things should be.  I got so caught up on how I could make it “good” that I neglected the truth, or one could say authenticity.

I think there is no denying now days it’s so easy to browse through social media and see someone else’s work and success and think, “that looks good too…maybe I should do that? You end up putting more attention on an outcome that appears to look great, that you sabotaged yourself into believing you should seek something that is not in alignment with who you are.  The problem is you begin to look so much on the outside, that you completely forget how important it is to look on the inside.

So today I am asking you a question that I use for myself when I need to get back on track and that is….

“What would you do if no one was watching?”  What would you do if no one praised you?  What would you do if it generated zero likes on Facebook or Instagram?”

We don’t always have to have these immediate “grand” successes — it’s about private, inward success and to achieve this we need to listen and be authentic; it’s about going back to roots of joy.

So take a deep breath, ask yourself this question out loud, pause for a moment, and let the answer come to you when you least expect it.

Lots of Love,