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The Passion Packet is about…

providing you with knowledge and skills on how to make your passion lucrative.

How do you know your not wasting your money?
You know you want to start a side project, you get excited just thinking about it, but overwhelmed with all the options
You’re completely lost with knowing where to start identifying your passion
You yearn to have more than just a job that pays the bills…BLAH (thumbs down emoji placed here)
You know you can create income if only you could get clear on what you wanted and the steps it will take to accomplish it
Perhaps most importantly…

You’re ambitious as hell and your ready to make a breakthrough in your life!

By the end of this course you will:
Identify and break roadblocks preventing you from making money from your passion
Identify your talents, skills, and strengths (because this is what’s gonna make you the moolah!)
Analyze transferable knowledge and experience (again, more moolah.)
Identify your values and interest over the lifespan (alignment between you and your work is essential to happiness – this is feel good work too ya know)
Evaluate the best platform to apply your knowledge and skills
Create and grow an income off your newly discovered talents and abilities (YESSS!)

Why You’ll Love It

You’ll have tons of Ah-huh moments – from reminiscing and digging deep – to seeing how things like jealousy, mean girl drama, enemies, and hardship provide bread crumbs that lead you to your calling!

We’ll have a heart-to-heart blast — the vibes will feel like a blend of Ellen meets Oprah! At least that’s what I’ve been told :-/

We’ll push aside all the fluff, help you get clear, and create a fun way for you to share your passion(s) by strategizing an actionable step-by-step plan where you can share your passion with the world!

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Want a sneak peak of what lessons will look like? Keep on readin’ on…

Week 1

It’s like me going through your night bag and seeing what you decided to pack-up to go to your friends house – what did you bring, and why? What are you missing? Week one is all about understanding, not only why we end up with what we have, but how we can get (and stay) clear, and create the path to get where we want.

Week 2

This isn’t a bunch of hocus-pocus – more like a magic potion that seriously works. Researched based, and designed to adjust any negative thought patterns preventing you from seeing your passion. You’ll be given a free hypnosis audio focused on helping you discover your passion along with essential questions one must ask to generate specific regions in your brain that will help you tune it to the things you love most.

Week 3

The human brain is continuously developing until + or -3 of 25 years of age. There are pivotal brain developmental stages where the brain is capable of advanced functions. We examine your life at each of these moments and discuss how they are likely to be aligned with your passion.

Week 4

The truth is, we can’t be adored by everyone – no matter how nice or great of a person you are. For goodness sakes, not everyone loved Jesus or the Dali Lama! So we explore individuals who didn’t like you – who teased you, were jealous of you – and surprise, surprise – their reasons tell you just as much about your gifts than the awards sitting on your shelf.

Week 5

There’s a reason why you get jealous – there’s a reason why you get pissed off about certain situations more than others, and as long as your not vandalizing anyone’s property or causing physical harm – jealousy can be your BFF (IF you you utilize its energy correctly!) Week four is all about finding out what those are and what they say about your passion.

Week 6

There’s no denying we all have our share of hardships. You have cried. You wonder “why did this happen to me?” You think that “If there is a God, why would he let me go through that?” Week 5 analyzes how to make your mess, your message.

Week 7

I’m not really going to ask you 99 questions, but it’s going to feel like it. This is where we pull questions that you might have not have even thought of so you can see what’s going on at a subconscious level.

Week 8

We’re taking a formal approach this week. You’ll take at least three assessments: strengths, personality, and intelligence spectrum – not the type of IQ intelligence they test students on, but the kind that showcase what type of intelligence your answers gravitate towards. It’s not then end all be all, but it is a tool that will provide you with more direction.

Week 9

I got the title of week 9 from a game my 6th grade teacher use to have us play – and little do you know it’s very similar to what this week’s focus. This is where we review and examine the last 7 weeks and see what it all says and means about your passion!

Week 10

Based off your discovery, we’re going to explore, and you will choose, which platform is the best fit to share your passion for generating income!

Week 11

Your going to need the tools that help put eyeballs on your money maker. This week I’m giving you the best channels to help you get the word out on the street about your new baby!

Crystal Mendoza

How it works

Me getting all in your business for 11 weeks over weekly Skype or phone sessions for a good, 50-60 minutes; if your in the LA area, I’m down to meet up and hash it all out at a sweet little coffee spot.

Here’s the deal – you’ll get some homework in between our sessions, but I promise it’s the fun stuff! Soul work is customized and based off of our conversation together.

Did I mention you’ll have unlimited email support in between sessions just in case you had some questions over the things we discussed, or maybe you simply want to drop in and share with me a discovery you made throughout the day?

Can’t wait to hear what you discover!

Have questions? Feel free to shoot me an email at


Praise for Money Meets Passion

Before Crystal I struggled to find so called “balance” between my studies, relationships, and work life. I found myself constantly rushing from one place to another without having a moment to myself. As result I was stressed, overwhelmed, and easily agitated.

Since working with Crystal, she has completely de-cluttered my life! Not only am I able to take a part of my day back by having more time, but I even have more energy. Because of Crystal’s unique perspectives and questioning, I no longer must force myself to do the things I once use to dread. Crystal has a way of asking such insightful questions that she has helped me see the goals I never knew I wanted. Once we figured out this, the day became easy to prioritize. Most importantly, she has taught me how to self-motivate myself and base my to-do list off of “purpose” and not “stuff.”


I was like most high school grads: Lost and confused. I didn’t know what to do with my career.  I didn’t know what I was good at, and I didn’t even know where to start. I knew I wanted to work with Crystal after my first discovery call with her because I immediately felt inspired and sensed deep down that with her resources I would find who I truly am. Not only did I leave the conversation feeling inspired, but she made it so easy for me to communicate with her and it felt almost as if she were like my big sister.

After about 1 week I started to gain more clarity in what I love and began to gain more confidence about taking the necessary steps to reach my goals. I was starting to see talents and skills that I never even realized I had. Now I get to wake up every day knowing exactly what my purpose is and what I need to do to get there.