Health and Happiness

Finding Happiness: 30 days to a Healthy, Happier You

For the woman who’s ready to optimize happiness, fuel success and achieve optimum performance in her career WHILE losing weight and eliminating stress.

In conjunction with certified nutritionists and private health consultants Sham and Christina Sanghera, President and Vice President of Inspired Wellness, we offer a 30-day program that increases happiness and productivity by incorporating stress reducing and estrogen building foods, cardio regimens targeted towards reducing stress or eliminating insomnia, and strength training regimens from home or at the gym.

This program is completely customized based off your current life circumstances.  In addition to program customizations, you will receive 45 + recipes, healthy grocery and shopping foods list, restaurant survival tips, happiness homework, stress reduction tips and much more!

Shake the hand that feeds you

Here’s what you get:

  • Motivation – You’ll stop depending on having to be “motivated” because you’ll fin how to tap into when you need it most
  • Lifelong learning – Share with your family how to build upon a healthy lifestyle without depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy most
  • Strategic planning – Together we’ll strategize the best time in your day to design the healthy lifestyle that you want to live
  • Vitality – Wake up in the morning feeling vibrant, aware, and having energy that will last throughout the day
  • And much more…
Ready to get started?

Before Crystal I struggled to find so called “balance” between my studies, relationships, and work life. I found myself constantly rushing from one place to another without having a moment to myself. As result I was stressed, overwhelmed, and easily agitated.

Since working with Crystal, she has completely de-cluttered my life! Not only am I able to take a part of my day back by having more time, but I even have more energy. Because of Crystal’s unique perspectives and questioning, I no longer must force myself to do the things I once use to dread. Crystal has a way of asking such insightful questions that she has helped me see the goals I never knew I wanted. Once we figured out this, the day became easy to prioritize. Most importantly, she has taught me how to self-motivate myself and base my to-do list off of “purpose” and not “stuff.”