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How To Find My Passion



I was watching one of my favorite romantic comedies the other night and I wanted to share a little reminder of how what we are looking for can come about in unexpected ways…


This scene illustrates an example of exactly what I am talking about…


For those who are not familiar with the movie How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, in this clip Kate Hudson is trying to find any way possible to push Mathew McConaughey’s character away from liking her, so she makes a surprise visit to his office; although she has successfully embarrassed him in front of his co-workers, her unexpected visit is what eventually inspired the new slogan that lands him the promotion he was hoping to get.


What I like to take away from this scene is…


In all that you don’t want, often lays exactly what you need.


Always keep in mind that what your seeking is usually available in places where you wouldn’t imagine they would be.






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