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This website provides resources to help you identify and transfer your talents, interests, skills and knowledge into a creative, money making machine.

I don’t know my passion and don’t know how I can make money from it

I know what I love, I just need an idea

I know the job I want, I just need a resume + cover letter

Praise for Money Meets Passion

Before Crystal I struggled to find so called “balance” between my studies, relationships, and work life. I found myself constantly rushing from one place to another without having a moment to myself. As result I was stressed, overwhelmed, and easily agitated.

Since working with Crystal, she has completely de-cluttered my life! Not only am I able to take a part of my day back by having more time, but I even have more energy. Because of Crystal’s unique perspectives and questioning, I no longer must force myself to do the things I once use to dread. Crystal has a way of asking such insightful questions that she has helped me see the goals I never knew I wanted. Once we figured out this, the day became easy to prioritize. Most importantly, she has taught me how to self-motivate myself and base my to-do list off of “purpose” and not “stuff.”


I’m Crystal Mendoza, founder of Money Meets Passion. I created this site to help you make money doing what you love.

I also dabble in helping newbie businesses create out-of-the box ideas to increase additional strings of income, and wrapping up the process of writing my first book about how to find your passion.

A book? Who would have known I would write a book when I use to hate reading, and thought I had comprehension issues?

I help people figure out what their life experience tells them about their passion and how they can create income from it.

…and why would I do this?

I come from small town and moved to Los Angeles at 22 years old. I started off living in my car with big aspirations to become a songwriter.

The “big” move left me to experience the following:

  • Failure in becoming the greatest songwriter ever
  • Feeling hopelessly lost about my career
  • Clueless about what skills and talents I had
  • Living in my 1999 Honda Accord across the street from 24 Hour Fitness
  • Stomach turning pain seeing negative in my bank account
  • Incredibly lonely without being able to be with my family and friends
    • Feeling lost, confused, and broke was one of the worst places to be. At that time, I didn’t have an education or any practical skills. I also knew that the jobs I had prior, just wasn’t going to fulfill me; I knew I had to do more so I became desperate to find solutions in how to make more money while also doing what I love.

      Now I devote my time to helping people create work that excites them and puts money in their pocket!

      I’d love to help you sift through the mess and figure out what it says about your passion and how you can start making money from a place that fulfills you.

      Can’t wait to hear from you!

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