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How to find your passion



Part of discovering passion is the awareness of what you love.


We don’t know why we love the things that we do because we just love what we are supposed to.  Someone might ask you “why do you love the color purple?” Your response might be something like, “it’s just a pretty color…it lights me up…it makes me feel good etc.” Then that person could ask you, “Well why does it make you feel good…why does it light you up…why do you think it’s a pretty color?” What you know can never provide a concrete why, and that’s because we are not the ones in control of the things we love.  What we control is whether or not we want to walk towards it, or walk away from it.


So how can we find out a little more about what we love?  I’ll share with you a personal example and one way you can help notice what more of what you love:


The miraculous part about this discovery was that awareness came to me in a moment where all I was doing was planning my schedule for the day.  It was during a time in my life where I felt down and overwhelmed. As I was writing my schedule, I realized that everything I was “worrying” about at that time in my life dissipated; I felt so at peace and happy.  I stopped to ask myself, “How is it I feel so calm and at peace when the situation outside of me has not changed?”  And then it hit me.  At a time of worry and frustration in my life, there was that little piece of me that was still capable of making me happy – it was as simple as picking from the assortment of beautiful-bright colors I used while scheduling my day – I’ve always loved choosing and seeing an array of colors!   I’d use lime green to write what needed to be completed for school assignments, pink for going to the gym, baby blue for anything I needed to do regarding work etc.  But more importantly, it validated how much I love innovating, creating, and planning using variation.


the idea is to bring a little part of what you love with you at all times…


So how could something so minimalistic give such positive results?


When we find a way to explore bringing what we love present and alive – the things that constantly fascinate and make us curious, we get the chance to fall in love all over again



The key is to always let the pieces of you that “love” be alive… be present in the work that you do.  It is a deep belief that the soul is set free only when we are free to do what we love.  Which is why you must keep the things you love alive so that YOU can always feel alive too.


But just in case your not to sure exactly what it is you love, give yourself 15 minutes in the morning and ask yourself the following questions:



  1. “How can I become even more aware of what it is I love to do?”


  1. “How can I bring and share what I love with me in everything that I do and everywhere that I go?


Just remember, why we love what we do is for a reason, but it is a reason that we did not or cannot provide.  Our job is to just realize our love and follow it…





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