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How to find my passion

There are days where I struggle with incompleteness – like I feel there is so much more I could have done…so much I didn’t do, but don’t we all have these moments?  When what we feel we did was not enough, or struggling to find the perfect balance between family, your significant other, your friends, your career, the gym, running errands, cooking, going to events…many of us are constantly trying to find balance in the many avenues life gifts us with.  How can we find the perfect balance, when we always feel our best is never enough, or when our attention is overextended?


Interestingly enough, I was in a class (the one where you feel is completely useless in life) where I actually learned something completely relevant to our lives; a Geology class out of all classes.  Random.


After I heard the Professor’s lecture…


it hit me…


I thought, huh…imagine that. Here we are, us humans, on earth constantly trying to find a happy balance in our lives, yet the Earth itself is constantly in a state of balancing – primarily based on the uneven heating and cooling that our planet experiences due to its journey around the Sun at a tilt on 23.5 degrees.  This uneven heating and cooling sends air into motion as the Earth’s atmosphere attempts to create equilibrium.


Okay, okay…so maybe you’re asking, “Crystal, what do you mean by all of this…what’s the point here?”


What I am trying to say is if the earth has to always work at keeping a state of balance, maybe we are biologically designed to constantly work at it as well?  What if we are not meant to remain feeling “balanced” (if achieved) because we are meant to always keeping working towards it, just like the earth?  Maybe it’s better to work with the “how” we can balance life opposed viewing it as an end result.


Maybe all this time we are trying so hard to fit everything in – so hard trying to balance everything out when the reality is exactly what it is – to continuously try, but graciously.  If earth – the planet that supports us, gives us life, is constantly in a state of balancing, why would it be any different for us?


So how can we find a solution for working with the “how”…to create harmony in our continuous efforts in balancing out our lives?  Here are some suggestions that have helped me:


Surrender and accept

As much as we can control our schedule, surrender to the fact that we can’t control the fact that we just can’t always do everything we want in the time frame that we’d like, and that’s okay.  Ask yourself, and make a list and write what it is that you need to surrender to?  What is giving you the most problems?  What is it that you have to accept?    And then begin looking at what you do have the power to control…


Re-arrange your priorities

A very, non-serious personal example, was getting to the gym as much as I use to.  I use to go 6 times a week for about an hour and forty-five minutes to two hours a day; when I started going to school, started my business, spend time with my boyfriend and friends – it was weird because I began to feel…guilty.  Honestly…who the heck feels guilty for not going to the gym…of all places!?  But it really took a toll on me because I was struggling to get everything I used to in my schedule, when the truth was, my schedule had to be adjusted because my life wasn’t in the same place as it used to be. I had to re arrange my priorities according to the new chapter in my life, and let my old ones go – I had to be okay, with getting 3 or 4 days in a week at the gym, but because I already surrendered and accepted, it made me feel “good” about my new, less demanding gym schedule.


You can’t expect for things to remain as they were, but you can learn how to adjust them according to each new chapter in your life.


Examine what your priorities need to be in order to get where you want, and then ask yourself what you need to put more focus on and what you need to start eliminating.  Also, is there any outsourcing you can do to relieve some to your “life” duties?  For example, you can hire someone to pick up your groceries and maybe do some light housekeeping?  In what situations can you have a (friend, relative, spouse) help you out with your schedule?


Fueling the temple

Yes, yes, and YESSS!! You MUST treat your body kindly, and you can do this by being mindful of what you’re putting into it.  Over the years I have read so many studies on the benefits of eating a nutritious diet.  Not only for all the everyday stuff you hear like how it’s good for your respiratory system, weight loss, joints, stress etc, but how some studies even show that individuals who eat healthier, and get a baseline of physical activity in for the week are happier, make more money…and are more creative...(which I will share at some point and time with references) and let me tell you, for anyone interested in turning their passion(s) into a money making machine – you need to be creative, because once you finally get your “aha” moment, you’re going to need to come up with ideas on what to do with it, right?  And eating right doesn’t mean being on some crazy strict diet.  You can eat healthy, and still enjoy your food.  You can have your piece of chocolate, and still lose weight.  Don’t take my word for it only, take the data available by science.


Anytime you’re being pretty hard on yourself about what you feel like you don’t have enough time for, just remember to surrender & accept, re-arrange your priorities, and be kind to your body.  The peace you will find with accepting that it’s okay not always feeling “balanced” will be a relief in itself.





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