The color of the leaves are changing…

It’s time for warm pajamas to be taken from the drawers one-by-one…

As the kitchen cabinet begins to get stocked up with various hot cocoa’s…

Who else is excited about winter and the holiday season!?

I was watching a gorgeous Vlogger on YouTube this morning.  She has over a million subscribers and she recently shared her feelings on having a lack of motivation and not feeling fulfilled – and that she doesn’t look forward to creating her video’s the way she once did…

She continues to explain she understands that from the outside, she has it all: an awesome career, living in LA in a nice place etc.. but inside, something is missing and she admits she is confused as f*#k!

I think most us have been in this place before, or are feeling this way now.

In my early 20’s I felt this way until I approached 30.

Being confused about what career to take or what will fulfil you, or feeling lost is a natural part of life; when and for how long it will last vary from person-to-person.

Here are three insights that can help guide you when asking questions like

“How do I choose a career that I love?”


That might relieve you of that empty-like feeling of thinking…

 “I’m totes lost right now…”

(If you choose, I also provided a video for your entertainment!)


  1. What you want is bound to change.

As mentioned, studies show that people will go through multiple career transitions throughout the lifespan. Even if you get it “right” right now, and you love what you do, don’t be surprised if you get bored two years, five years, or ten years down the road.

As you evolve physically and cognitively – as you take on new life roles, experiences and responsibilities – a call for change in your career is high.

Some individuals may require a change, or get bored with certain roles faster than the other and there is nothing wrong about it.  It’s just who you are and says more about the things that are in alignment with your personality.  If you need change more than the average person, that may also mean you need roles that require consistent changes in itself.

Don’t necessarily see your career as something you must “stick” with forever.  See it as starting place and enjoy the process examining whether you truly love it, and for how long.  When in doubt, follow your interests and let it lead you to your next stage in your life.

  1. Follow what you gravitate towards

Looking back, I remember the first time I realized I was interested in psychology was when I heard of how unconfident Marilyn Monroe was.  I remember watching TV shows and reading about her having low self-esteem and in my mind I was fascinated by how someone so beautiful on the outside could feel so little of herself in the inside.  Ever since then I have always been intrigued about the thoughts within the mind.  Eventually I honored what my mind was always curious about and majored in Educational Psychology.

I also knew I loved the arts.  I love using my imagination and creating something from nothing.

So what is it that keeps you curious?

  1. Explore your world.

Sometimes you don’t know what’s calling if you haven’t been exposed to the force.  How do you know if you love to compose music if you never played the piano or guitar?  Learning about what pulls you in is about getting your feet wet in different fields or work or activities.

This can be done by going new places with friends, traveling, and being exposed to new shows.

This doesn’t mean you must apply someone where, get the job, and then quit three months later but you can always start with volunteering, taking up a new hobby, or enroll in some type of class or program whether that be through formal education, a free course from a solo-prenuer or even a course on Udemy.

If all else fails, hopefully you have some comfort in knowing that you are NOT alone and if you keep pressing forward, you will arrive at a place where you will feel confident and great about the decision you made!