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What is that you are wanting to leave behind?

Because I know – you know, you’re better off without it…

You’d feel like you have a load off your shoulders…

I understand it’s hard to move on, or even to attempt trying, out of fear of what you may lose and I’m not going to sugar coat it for you – you might lose a lot.  You might cry, you might have to get yourself on a tighter budget, but it’s temporary and sometimes necessary for growth.  The most important thing to remember is that everything is working for you

As I pondered what this blog would be about, I thought I would write about some of the statements and questions I have continuously heard over the last month such as:

If I was on my deathbed…

If it was my last day on earth…

What would I want someone to say at my eulogy…

Ok, so naturally I kinda freaked out wondering why I was being exposed to all these “last day on earth messages,” BUT I’m pretty sure it was on my mind so that I can reflect on this new phase of my life as well.

As some of you may know, I will be graduating this May with my Masters in Educational Psychology and one of my goals is to be a part-time professor.  I knew that to increase my chances of being hired after I graduate, it would be in my benefit to be employed by the university, or any higher education institute, so that I can gain the required experience – in addition to building great relationships within the community.

This goal required me to make a career transition from law, to education.  Which means because I have no experience in education, I’d have to start fairly close to the bottom – again.  It helps that I have my side projects (thank goodness) but it’s just that feeling of knowing you’re a certain age and your bosses are younger than you.

Not to mention your diving into an entirely new position – which I am completely enthusiastic about and can’t wait to begin, but I want to be the best right now lol…and I know being great at what you do takes time.

As I reflected on the statements and questions (mentioned above) I couldn’t help but be grateful that no matter what happens I will never have to say the dreaded phrase, “I wish I had tried.”

I know it’s so much easier for me to tell you “not to live with regrets” and to just go out there and “give it a shot,” but the truth is, it’s hard to go for the things you think you want because we are so comfortable with the way things are.  Sometimes, even when comfort means being uncomfortable.

By nature, we love familiarity and security, so to go against it or to risk temporarily loosing such certainty and security feels like a threat.

So here’s the thing…

If there is something you can take from this blog, know this:

Sure, you might not be able to make a BIG change cold turkey, BUT you can make small changes periodically that will eventually give you the kahunas to make the change that you need.

Here are some examples:

Practice saying ‘no’ or give deadlines.

If you’re someone who constantly says “yes” to take on additional projects at work when you know you already have too much on your plate – instead of saying “yes” choose one of the following options:

Explain, “I would, but at the moment I’m working on a few other projects that need my complete attention.”


Let them know you can only help with a certain portion of their request or give them a deadline of when you will no longer be able to assist.  For instance, if someone asks you if you could cover detention for the semester, you could say, “I can do the first week of September, but due to prior obligations, I will not be available the continuing weeks after.”

Take an adventure.

By adventure, I don’t mean fly to Europe solo or anything like that. Instead, if your someone who prefers to do activities with people on the weekends, then partake at an event during the week – solo, or just during the week period.

Add variety.

Change-up the routine. If you’ve been trying Folders coffee for the last 10 years, try Don Francisco or McDonalds brew.  Basically, whatever your routine is, break it up and do something you haven’t done before.

My hope is that your’e not the one who is finishing any of the questions or statements (again, listed above)  in deep regret…wishing you would have at least tried.

The chances of you even having the idea, right nowat this very moment about something you need to do…or need to leave behind, is planted in you like a little seed for a reason.  As scary as it my seem, just let it ‘grow,’ nurture it by doing the best you can with good intentions and you will see that no matter how uncomfortable it might feel in the beginning, what happens in your life is always working for you.

With Lots of Love,