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One of the big questions I use to ask was, “What if you make a goal, but God’s not interested in your goal.”




“If what is meant to be, will be, then when do you know to let go?”


(always trying to figure out what Gods thinking – I’m sure he loves that lol)


As I was applying for the Master’s program this winter, I turned in all the required paperwork needed (accurately), and turned in to the appropriate department (well ahead of schedule).


And well…you probably have experienced the feeling that I’m about to tell you next…


That frustrating experience of something being wrong with literally every step while trying to reach something you want.


Being that the beginning of the semester was less than a week away, I was starting to get discouraged, and felt like maybe my goal wasn’t meant to be.


I asked, “should I just let it go?”


I thought about my age, and how my goal of having a child was just around the corner, that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be – so I was ready to surrender, and just let go of trying to get into the program.


Anywho, it finally it hit me – the answer to my own question…


I believe destiny is not a one-way street.  You have a choice to pick which path to turn down.


The choices you make in the face of defeat creates a new path to your destiny.


And you keep going until you physically can’t.


That’s when I realized the difference between great lives and just living life.


So did I keep trying?  Of course I did.

Did I get in the program in time?  I did.


I couldn’t quit because the majority of my late twenties, I was “stuck” because I settled.  I got stuck because I saw things as too hard to come by, too risky… I was stuck because I wasn’t brave, so the solution back then: Why bother.


The solution now: have everything I want, or die trying.


Your decisions are who you are.  They are in what you do, they are a part of discovering your passions and purpose.


Part of why I do what I do, is because I know what it’s like to be resilient when you feel like you can’t anymore.  I know what it’s like to have shitty thing after more shitty things happen to you and still make it across better than when I started.


I know what you have to go through in order to get what you want.


…and how could I ever continue to teach this with truth if I couldn’t continue to do it any longer myself?


Passion is part of your experiences.  Passion is part of your choices.


The question is, what are your experiences bringing you closer to?  What do your experiences tell you – about you?


You come to a crossroads for a reason, and with each crossroad you have a choice to honor your purpose, to honor bringing your passions to life…and ultimately, to honor yourself.