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As I begin researching for my first book, I can not deny the irrefutable signs childhood memories tell you about your calling.  So much so that I dedicate a chapter to it.  

I must admit that following through with this research, specifically this chapter, has enlightened my own spiritual journey.  Sometimes you get so caught up in your goals, or caught up in worry that you forget the one thing that can instantaneously change your life.

For some of you it’s God, for others it’s another omnipresent entity.  Either way, when you are carried in its presence there is nothing but peace, love, and fulfillment.  Revisiting childhood is a place that will not only give you that feeling, but it will also reveal pieces of you – you didn’t realize was so crucial to the work you are meant to do on this earth.

Research indicates that on average, most people’s earliest memories date back to when they were 3-1/2 years old; however, recent studies of children suggest our earliest memories are likely to go back even further (Wang & Peterson, 2014).

The question is, how far does your memory go back, what do you remember, what does it mean, and how does it relate to your calling?

As your brain develops physically and cognitively through the experiences of your life, the core of who you are is like the roots of a tree.  It is planted as soon as you are brought into this world.

Depending on your demographics, and nurturing, your core eventually branches off.  You have the relationship, financial, career, spiritual branch along with many others.  Eventually each branch, twig, and leaf begin to manifest the more intricate facets of your identity: personality, interest, temperament, values… and even down to the meaning you give to them all.

However, what I believe to be the most special part of childhood, and calling, is the part that lays between genetics playing their role and before social learning learning takes it’s place.

It’s that special essence we all admire about children.  Their ability to be free, their innocence and purity – perhaps it is the reason you are more likely to hear stories of children seeing angels and having a greater sense of intuition.  

At one point in your life you had that ability too, and when revisited with the right questioning and techniques, it can all be rekindled.  Not only can it be rekindled, but you will begin to see how it links to the rest of your experiences throughout your lifespan, and what to do with it when you put all the pieces together.

As I continue to research, I am beyond excited to share with you the many ways you can reveal your calling by unveiling specific childhood memories.


Wang, Q., & Peterson, C. (2014). Your earliest memory may be earlier than you think:  Prospective studies of children’s dating of earliest childhood memories  Developmental Psychology, 50, pp. 1680-1686.