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How to find my passion


This morning, after I had read my book, I set my bookmarker down and I fell into a moment of nostalgia…


All of the sudden, this bookmark I’ve seen EVERY DAY brought back childhood memories.


When I was about 12 or 13 years old, I remember seeing a bookmarker at a bookstore that had a short poem on it titled Don’t Quit, and it went…



Don’t quit when

The tide is lowest

For its just about

To turn.

Don’t quit over doubts and questions,

For there’s something

You may learn.

Don’t quit when the night is darkest,

For its just awhile

‘til dawn;

don’t quit when you’ve

run the farthest

for the race is almost won.

Don’t quit when

The hill is steepest,

For your goal is

Almost nigh;

Don’t quit, for you’re

Not a failure

Until you fail to try.



So I asked my mom to buy it for me because I was drawn to the inspirational words that gave me hope…


and then…


When I was 16 or 17, I remembered working in the career center and seeing a quote that said “Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?” I would sit there and analyze the truth to that quote, but I loved it!  Even as a teenager I poured my thoughts into reflection and improvement.  I would rather write or reflect then go out.


Ok, ok…so why I am telling you this?


Because even though I didn’t know it at the time – I had already known one of my passions.  It was already speaking to me.  From early adolescence to today, I have constantly gravitated and studied literature that “uplifts,” and you see it in the work that I do today.


My question for you is what is something you have constantly gravitated towards?  Because you are drawn to it for a reason.  We are never interested in something “just because.”  Never.

Your interests are your passion seeds.  If you plant them, and nurture them, they will provide serenity and beauty in your life.



Honor your interests, plant your seeds, and you will reap the benefits.




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